What is Lookies?

Lookies.ru is a global free social platform, uniting different directions. Each user of our site can independently post an announcement about the exchange or sale of a thing suitable for existing categories on the site.

Thanks to a convenient search engine by category, you can find a thing that is necessary for you!

All ads are moderated manually by the administrator of our site.

Lookies.ru means to be fashionable! Our website presents the most trendest clothing, as well as interesting vintage items. Here you will find both of evening dresses for elegant cocktails and fashionable casual outfits.

Lookies.ru is a rich assortment of men's clothing and footwear. Here you can find everything: from simple and comfortable clothes for every day to exquisite evening options.

Lookies.ru is a large selection of quality, fashionable and comfortable products for children, as well as friendly and affordable price offers for their parents.

With the help of our "Lookmaker" section you can always find the right look for you, or use the recommendations of our fashion consultant.

In our blog you will find the most recent and most interesting thematic articles on fashion: reviews of the recent fashion trends, reviews of the recent collections of famous brands and current tips about health and beauty. With your help and with the help of the "Give a Smile" project, we help children in orphanages and orphans.

The section "Our partners" is dedicated to Russian brands, placed in a separate category. "Our partners" is a guarantee of quality, luxury and the recent fashion trends of leading Russian designers. Follow the link from "A" to "Z", and you will be taken to the individual page of the partner with all the lots placed by him.

Are you interested in becoming our partner? Write to the address info@lookies.ru with the subject of the letter "Application for Partners".

What is lookmaker

What are the recenet fashion trends? What are basic things and how to wear them? Which jeans to choose? Should the wallet match the shoes?

For all these and many other questions, our section "Lookmaker" will help you to find the answers. Here our designers review every posted ad, select the best and interesting things and then collect prepared looks! Opening the "Look" you like, you can get acquainted with its total cost, as well as the cost of each individual thing. If you liked how we assort the jeans flares to this vest, you can go to the link and contact both sellers, purchase these things and wear them the way we recommend.

Do i need to register to use Lookies? Popular

To make all Lookies functions available, you must register or log in via social network: VKontakte, Facebook or Odnoklassniki.

What to do in case the clothes did not suit me? New

If the clothes does not fit, the simplest solution is to sell it again at Lookies. Or you can arrange with the seller about the return in advance. The postage costs in this case is likely to be at your expense. If the item did not match the photo or you received it in an inadequate condition, contact Lookies for support and unconscionable seller will be blocked.

How and who pays for the transferring of the clothes to another city?

According to statistics, the cost of shipping is often paid by the buyer. However, the seller can agree to pay for the transfer of the clothes sold to him by agreement. Use approved courier services.

What can i place?

Lookies is an online portal for the sale, purchase and exchange of women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes, accessories and other items of your wardrobe. You can place everything at the site that belongs to the categories presented on our website.

The clothes can be either new or used (clothes without a tag). Used clothes are divided into several categories: excellent, good and average condition. Do not forget to mention the defects of your clothes and attach their photograph.

There are no restrictions on the number of clothes you have placed. All ads are moderating within 24 hours. Please be patient, we are working for you!

What can not be placed?

All ads are moderated within 24 hours. All that does not apply to clothing and existing categories of the site are prohibited for publication:

1) electronics;

2) computers and telephones;

3) building materials;

4) furniture;

5) household appliances;

6) books and magazines;

7) as well as other ads not related to Lookies.


1) download collages;

2) as the main photo it is forbidden to upload photos on which it is not completely visible: a vague / distorted image;

3) upload ads without a photo of the clothes being pictured by you;

4) upload ads where the photo and description do not match.

What are the requirements to photographs?

All publications are moderated manually within 24 hours. In order for your ad to be approved by our moderator, follow these simple rules:

1) the photo must be without watermarks and any inscriptions of extraneous information resources;

2) the clothes at the photo should not be crumpled, it should have a presentation view; 3) the photo must be clear and has a good quality;

4) the use of filters is prohibited;

5) if there are defects or problem areas, please, picture them closer and notice in the description of the announcement;

6) photos from different angles are welcome;

7) the size of the photo must be at least 300x200 pixels and a maximum of 3000x2000 pixels with a weight of not bigger than 10 MB, otherwise it will be loaded off-cut and is unlikely to be moderated;

8) take photos in daylight and on a neutral background (preferably white or light);

9) the administration of the site has the right not to publish clothes that do not comply with the rules of this resource Lookies.

How to buy?

In order to purchase the item you like, you need to do the following:

1) to communicate with the seller you must be authorized through your personal account;

2) after the authorization you get an access to the contact details of the seller: you can contact the seller either through the profile, by sending him a message, or by the specified phone number and email;

3) before purchase specify the size, color, possible defects of the clothes;

4) ask for additional photos or videos if necessary;

5) arrange with the seller about payment methods and delivery (it is more reliable to correspond in private messages lookies.ru).

How to sell?

In order to publish your product, you must follow:

1) log in via social network or mail;

2) click "Add item" in your account;

3) fill in the required fields, add a description of the clothes and upload the photo;

4) any ad is moderated within 24 hours.


There are things that can not be sold at lookies.ru. Read the rules before uploading clothes.


1) wait for the message or call from the buyer;

2) answer the buyer to all questions of interest;

3) arrange the methods of payment and delivery.

How to exchange?

In order to place clothes that you want to exchange, you need to do the following:

1) log in via social network or mail;

2) place your item completely on the same principle as in the case of a sale, in the line "Ability to exchange your item" you choose the option "YES";

3) click the "I want to exchange" button in my account;

4) you will see all the goods available for exchange of the same price range in which your item is located;

5) you can contact the owner of the clothes using the messages on the site Lookies.ru or using the contact information.