Lookies Terms and Conditions

Legal information.

User agreement Lookies.

This User Agreement governs the relationship between LEMAR MEDIA GROUP LLC (Lookies) and the user of the Internet (the "User") arising from the use of the Internet resource www.lookies.ru ("Lookies"), on terms specified in the User Agreement.

Full and unconditional acceptance of this proposal Lookies to the User on the conclusion of the agreement is the commission by the User of actions aimed at using the Lookies, including search, viewing or submitting ads, registering on the site, sending messages through the form of communication and other actions to use the functionality of Lookies.

The User Agreement may be changed by Lookies at any time without any special notice for the User. The new version of the User Agreement comes into force from the moment it is placed on Lookies, unless Lookies explicitly states other. Regular familiarization with the current edition of the User Agreement is the responsibility of the User.

The usage of Lookies after the entry into force of the new version of the User Agreement means the User's consent to it and the application of the provisions of the new edition to it.

The current version of this User Agreement is available at http://lookies.ru/tos

1. Terms and definitions

In this User Agreement, the terms given below have the following meaning:

Lookies - Limited Liability Company "LEMAR MEDIA GROUP".

Lookies and / or Site is an Internet resource, which is a collection of information and intellectual property objects contained in the information system (including a computer program, database, graphic design of the interface (design), etc.), access to which is provided from various User devices connected to the Internet by means of special software for browsing the web (browser) to the addresses www.lookies.ru (including the domains of the following levels related to these addresses) or Mobile applications.

The user is a visitor of Internet resources, including Lookies.

The User Agreement - current agreement, the Terms and Conditions of the ad placement and other rules and documents governing the work of Lookies or determining the use of the Services published on the Site.

Services - functionality, services, tools that available to Users at Lookies.

Mobile application - software for portable (mobile) devices, installed or downloaded by the user for devices using various software platforms, designed to access Lookies.

Goods - any product, service, job offer or other offer according to which the User places on the Lookies Ad.

The announcement is an information message with a proposal for the Goods (including contact information, photographs and any related information) posted by the User on Lookies addressed to an undefined circle of persons.

The Seller - User placing at Lookies Announcement with a proposal to conclude a transaction according to the Goods.

The Buyer is the User conducting the viewing of the Advertisements placed by the Seller, interacting with the Seller according to the Goods and / or concluding a deal with the Seller.

Registration data - a unique login (e-mail address) and a password created by the User in the process of Registration on the Site or modified by the User through the Profile, used for access to the Profile after authorization of the User at Lookies.

Profile - a personal section of the User on Lookies associated with the User account on the Site, in which the User is able to manage individual Lookies Services, including their order, connection / disconnection, on the terms offered by Lookies.

Registration is a set of actions of the User in accordance with the instructions specified on the Lookies, including the provision of the Registration data and other information made by the User using a special form of the Lookies user’s interface in order to form the Profile and access to individual Lookies Services.

Information - any materials and information provided by the user Lookies in accordance with the use of Lookies.

2. General provisions.

Access to the services of the Site

2.1. Lookies offers the User on the terms of this User Agreement to use the services available on Lookies, including accommodation, search and viewing of Ads and other services offered on the Site. According to the use of individual Lookies Services, additional conditions, rules and restrictions may be established. Lookies has the right at any time to review or change the conditions for the provision of Services, supplement, modify, restrict, expand the functionality of the Site and / or Services, including the terms of the User's access to the Services or individual functionality of the Site.

2.2. Services are provided to the User for free, unless specifically indicated other.

2.3. The provision of certain Services may be governed by special rules and / or agreements that are an integral part of this User Agreement, including the Terms of Advertising, other terms and conditions, individual agreements made in writing form and signed by Lookies and the User. In case of a contradiction or inconsistency between the text of this User Agreement and the special rules and / or agreements, the latter shall be applied.

2.4. The Lookies is a platform that allows Sellers to place their own proposals at their own risk and risk addressed to an unspecified range of persons for the transaction in accordance of the Goods to which the Seller is authorized to dispose (make offers), and Buyers, at their own discretion and under their responsibility, Sellers by signing an appropriate deal with the Seller. Lookies is not the organizer of the transaction, the Buyer, the Seller, the intermediary, the agent or the representative of any User and / or any other interested person in accordance of the transaction offered / concluded between the Users. All transactions made through the placement of Advertisements on the Site of transactions between Users are concluded and executed without the direct or indirect participation of Lookies.

2.5. Regardless of the fact of registration or authorization of the User on the Site, the use of the Site, including viewing the information posted on the Site, means the User's consent to this User Agreement and assuming obligations to follow the instructions for using the Services, as well as responsibility for activities related to the use of the Site.

2.6. By accessing Lookies and thereby entering into this User Agreement, the User warrants that he has all the rights and powers necessary to enter into and execute the User Agreement, including an adult and fully capable person or a minor declared by the decision of the authorized body in full (Emancipation) or a minor who has reached fourteen years of age and who has received written permission in the form required by law from their parents or other legal representatives to sign the User Agreement. Lookies has the right at any time to demand from the User the provision of information and documents confirming the rights and powers, as indicated above.

2.7. The services provided at the Lookies can be changed, updated, changed the form and nature of the functionality at any time without prior notice to the User, and therefore their use is offered in the "as is" mode, i.e. The type and extent of the information they provide to Lookies at the time of contacting the User Services. Lookies has the right to terminate (provisionally or conclusively) the Services (or any particular functions within the Services), if necessary, at their own discretion to all Users in general or to an individual User, in particular without prior notice.

3. Registration at the Site

3.1. The User has the right to post Ads, as well as use separate Services after Registration on Lookies.

3.2. During the registration the specify the registration data that the User chooses independently. After entering the data for the Registration, the User receives an email to the e-mail address specified at the Registration containing an active hyperlink, the transfer of which is necessary to confirm the Registration on the Site. Registration of an account is carried out on one email address of the User once. Re-registration of a new account on the Site using the e-mail address previously specified at the Registration is not allowed. The user can change the registration data in the Profile at the Site.

3.3. The user is obliged to monitor the security of his registration data and not disclose them to third parties. The User is not entitled to transfer his registration data to third parties, or directly or indirectly allow third parties to use his registration data to authorize Lookies, except for persons acting on behalf of and in the interests of the User or having received such registration data on the basis of relevant agreements with the User.

3.4. Any action taken from the User's Profile using its Account Data is deemed to be an act committed by the User or a person authorized by him and establishes duties and liability for the User in accordancw with such actions, including liability for violation of this User Agreement, the requirements of the legislation in accordance with the Goods, information Which is placed by the User on Lookies.

3.5. The User is obliged to immediately change the registration data if he has reasons to suspect that the data was disclosed or may be used by unauthorized third parties

3.6. Lookies has the right to use available technical solutions to verify the correctness of information provided by the User when using Lookies. Lookies can not guarantee that the User is really the person what he represents, and also that the information provided by the User to Lookies is true. Lookies recommends Users to communicate with possible counterparties, Sellers and Buyers, using for this purpose all the tools available on Lookies, and observe circumspection and caution when making deals and choosing the Seller.

3.7. Lookies has the right to block the User's access to the Profile with the simultaneous termination of the placement and display of his Ads or without it. Lookies has the right at any time to terminate and / or restrict the User's access to the Services, and also to block or delete the User's account on the Site without the possibility of its recovery.

3.8. Viewing Ads and other information posted at Lookies in the public domain does not require the registration and / or authorization of the User, but in case of such actions the User is obliged to comply with the provisions of the User Agreement.

4. Information provided by Users

4.1. As part of using Lookies, the User agrees to provide only true Information and is responsible for the information provided to them. The User undertakes to update the Information in a timely manner by editing them on the Lookies. Lookies has the right to request, and the User is obliged to provide, on such request, documents and information necessary for determining the User as a party to the User Agreement and / or the party using the relevant Service, as well as documents confirming the authenticity of the presented Information and the legitimacy of the use / offer of the Goods and / or communication User with the Goods specified in the Declaration.

4.2. In the process of using the Lookies Services (including during registering, interacting with other Users through the Lookies interface, posting Ads, browsing Lookies pages, etc.), the User independently and voluntarily decides to grant Lookies or open access to personal and other Information about the User (last name, first name, nickname of the User, e-mail address, mobile phone number, as well as any other information provided by the User, including those contained in the message Information sent to other Users through the feedback form in the Lookies interface, information about the User's actions on the Lookies, etc.) for the purposes of executing the User Agreement, and hereby declares its consent to processing Lookies and his affiliated personal and other User data, their Transfer (including cross-border transfer to the territory of foreign states that provide adequate protection of the rights of subjects of personal data) for processing to other users and / or third parties, act On behalf of Lookies, including for the purposes of: providing consulting support to Users in connection with the use of the Site, verifying Declarations for compliance with the User Agreement, delivering messages to other Users, obtaining statistical and analytical data to improve the functioning of Lookies and / or Services, expand the spectrum Providing information and / or advertising messages to Lookies or third parties, preventing or suppressing illegal and / or unauthorized The actions of users or third parties, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Lookies takes all necessary measures to protect the User's personal data from unauthorized third-party access.

4.3. All information (Independently of whether such information belongs to the legislation of the Russian Federation to personal or other data subject to protection in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation or not) placed by the User on Lookies is placed by him for the User's sale of his property and / or services and / Or in other interests of the User and, accordingly, the User places this or that information about himself exclusively in his own interests, including to facilitate the establishment of communication with the User. By placing ads at the Lookies, the User makes the information indicated in the announcement publicly available and understands that the posted information is published on the Lookies in public, it becomes available to any Lookies visitor (unlimited circle of persons) in all countries of the world where there is a possibility of using The Internet and access to the site, accordingly. The User understands and assumes all risks associated with such information placement, including, but not limited to: the risk of an electronic address Mailing to spam mailing lists, the risk of an email address falling to various types of fraudsters, the risk of getting a phone number to SMS spammers and / or SMS fraudsters, and other risks arising from such posting of information.

4.4. Lookies is not obliged to perform preliminary checks on the Information of any kind placed and / or distributed by the User through Lookies. Lookies has the right, at his own discretion, to refuse to post and / or distribute any Information to the User or to delete any Information posted by the User on Lookies. The User is aware and agrees that he must independently assess all risks associated with the posting and dissemination of any Information, including an assessment of the reliability, completeness or utility.

4.5. Lookies does not advise on issues that are not related to Lookies, which require professional assessment and / or are not within the competence of Lookies.

4.6. Appeals of the User to Lookies on issues related to the use of Lookies are considered in the order provided on the Site. Interaction of Lookies with the User within the framework of consideration of the User's request is carried out using the e-mail address specified by the User.

4.7. Lookies has the right not to consider the User's appeals: they do not contain information and documents necessary for consideration of the appeal; Containing false information and (or) documents that do not have evidence of credibility; In accordance of issues on which Lookies was previously sent a response to the User (repeated appeals); Containing insults, threats or appeals, outlined in a sharp negative form; Sent in violation of other conditions and procedures for considering appeals provided by Lookies.

5. Obligations of the User

5.1. The User agrees to act solely in accordance with the applicable law and the Lookies User Agreement, and also bear full responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation for its own actions and inaction on the Lookies and using the Services.

5.2. Available Services for the User of Lookies may be used solely for the purposes for which such Services are intended by Lookies. The User is prohibited from using the Services, as well as any information received on the Site not for the intended purpose. Lookies has the right at any time, at his own discretion, to conduct a random check of the Ads, the messages of the Buyers sent to Sellers through the Lookies communication form and / or the terms of use by the Users of the Services for compliance with the User Agreement, including in automatic mode using software. In case of revealing violations, as well as receiving information from third parties about such violations or identifying a set of features that may indicate in Lookies opinion of violations, Lookies has the right to suspend or terminate the User's access to certain Services, including rejection or blocking of the Announcement and / Or access to My Account. By the sole decision of Lookies, the blocking of Ads and / or accounts on the Site may be temporary or permanent, depending on the amount and number of violations of this User Agreement and other rules established by Lookies on the Site. In the event that the User removes the admitted violations, Lookies has the right to restore previously blocked Ads or the User's access to the account at the Site.

5.3. The User undertakes not to use automatic and other programs to gain access to Lookies without the written permission of Lookies. Without permission, Lookies also does not allow the use, distribution, copying and / or extraction with the Lookies manually or automatically (using software) of any materials or information (including Ads, product descriptions, photos, etc.).

5.4. Using computer programs that allow you to view or post at the Lookies Ads, bypassing the usual order of posting Ads (for example, using the Startup Programs for Ads), in the absence of a written permission from Lookies, is strictly prohibited and may lead to termination and / or suspension of the Ads, In the Personal Account and / or Lookies.

5.5. The User also undertakes: Do not take any action that could lead to a disproportionately large load at the Lookies infrastructure; Do not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute or represent to the public any information contained in the Lookies (other than Information provided by the User) without the prior written permission of Lookies and any third party; Do not interfere with the work of Lookies, nor does it interfere with the operation of automatic systems or processes, in order to block or restrict access to Lookies.

5.6. In order to prevent or prevent violation of the User Agreement and / or damage to Lookies (for example, DDoS attacks or other hacker attacks, unauthorized use of software by Lookies, including downloading Ads, etc.), Lookies has the right to restrict access of Users or third parties to Lookies by blocking access to Lookies of the corresponding ip-address or range of ip-addresses.

5.7. For the purposes of accessing individual Services by Lookies, the User may use the unique identifiers (character set) provided to him by the User, the account on the Site, Ads, Goods, etc.

5.8. By accessing Lookies, the User agrees to receive advertising information posted on Lookies by third parties. The User understands and agrees that Lookies does not determine the content and is not responsible for such information, including websites, links to which may be contained in the relevant materials.

5.9. The user of Lookies undertakes not to use any data provided by another User without the written permission of the person who posted such Information, or without the right to use such Information in any other way. All information received by the User about other Users in connection with the use of Lookies may be used only for the execution and execution of transactions in sccordance with the Goods. Thus, the User is prohibited from using the e-mail address and / or telephone number of another User for the purpose of direct mailing or other sending of unwanted electronic messages, as well as for other unlawful acts or acts committed without the knowledge and / or consent of the other party. To facilitate interaction between Users, Services imply limited access to some contact information of other Users. The right to use the information provided by other Users is limited to this User Agreement.

5.10. If the User has a claim against another User in connection with the use of the latter Services and / or posted Ads, the User is obliged to present these claims to the proper person (the Seller) and to resolve the claims independently and without the participation of Lookies.

5.11. The user understands and accepts that Lookies does not always check the information published at Lookies by Users. Some of the information contained in the Announcements may seem insulting, dangerous, misleading or misleading. Lookies recommends Users to be careful and rely on common sense when using information on Lookies. The user must take into account that his counterparty can impersonate another person, be a minor, post distorted information, etc. The use of the Services implies that the User understands and accepts these risks, and agrees that Lookies is not liable for acts or omissions from other Users.

5.12. The user agrees to be cautious when choosing a counterparty, under his own responsibility makes a decision on the transaction, based on the fact of placing an advertisement at the Lookies, independently making sure that the offer, sale and / or purchase of any Goods in the Lookies ad is valid and legal.

6. Exchange of information having using the Site

6.1. Lookies messages intended for Users are published for universal access to Lookies and / or sent individually to e-mail addresses provided by Users during Registration or posting of Ads on the Site. At the same time, the User understands, accepts and agrees that the dispatched messages and / or their separate parts may be of an advertising nature, and may also contain advertising, information and other communications from Lookies counterparties. Messages published at Lookies are deemed to be delivered to the User from the moment they are published. Lookies may send to the Users transaction and service messages related to the actions of Users on the Site. 6.2. Users' messages destined for Lookies are sent by the methods suggested by Lookies, including the feedback form for accessing the Site.

6.3. User messages to the Seller can be sent through a specially suggested form of communication with the Seller. The User understands and agrees that correspondence with other Users of the Site, carried out with the help of a specially suggested form of communication, is not personal. Lookies at any time has the right to view messages sent through a specially suggested form of communication. Lookies does not guarantee that the message sent to the Seller will be answered to the User, and also does not guarantee delivery of such message to the Seller.

6.4. By accessing Lookies, the User agrees that Lookies and the administrator of the site http://lookies.ru, on which the Ads can be published, can send messages to the User, including e-mails, voice and / or text messages (SMS) to the e-mail address or phone number specified by them on the Lookies, respectively, including, but not limited to: User messages regarding Goods and / or Announcements, including offers to enter into transactions from others Users, offers And messages of other information and / or advertising nature Lookies or partner companies Lookies, as well as to provide third parties with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for the purpose of sending these messages.

7. Warranty and responsibility

7.1. The user is responsible for the actions performed on the Site in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, including the responsibility for the content of information posted by him and violation of the rights of third parties in accordance with the Goods and / or information posted on the Site.

7.2. The user is responsible for the transactions offered in relation to the Goods and the transactions concluded in connection with them, for choosing the counterparties for the transaction and the consequences resulting from the transaction. All transactions according to the Goods are concluded between the Users directly. Lookies is not a party and / or an intermediary of transactions made by Users based on information obtained by Lookies, does not control and is not responsible for such transactions.

7.3. Lookies is a tool that allows Users to post Ads in accordance with the Products, the sale and / or purchase of which is permitted by law and the User Agreement. However, Lookies does not always check Ads posted by Users. Thus, the quality, safety, legality and conformity of the Goods to its description, as well as the Seller's ability to sell and / or the Buyer to purchase the Goods are beyond the control of Lookies. In this accordance, Lookies is not responsible for the content of the information provided by the Users, including the contents of the Ads, the use by Users of trademarks, logos of third parties and the terms of the Seller's offer.

7.4. Lookies is not responsible for the loss of information by the User, as well as for distortion of information or loss of the message received using the communication forms on the Site.

7.5. Taking into account the principles of construction and operation of the Internet, Services are provided "as is", which means that Lookies does not provide any guarantees according to the Services, in particular, Lookies does not guarantee to the User that: Services, their direct or indirect effect and quality will meet the requirements and goals of the User; Services will be provided continuously, reliably and without errors; The results that will be obtained through the use of the Services will be accurate, reliable and meet the expectations of the User.

7.6. The User agrees that Lookies is not liable for any losses incurred by the User in connection with taking measures to prevent or prevent violations on Lookies related to restricting / blocking Users' access to the Site, as well as ip-addresses according to paragraph 5.5. Of this User Agreement.

7.7. The User accepts and agrees that the opportunity provided by Lookies to send a message to the User through a form of communication on the Site can be used by any third parties for purposes other than committing a transaction with the User without any influence and control from Lookies. In this regard, Lookies is not responsible for using the form placed on Lookies by other Users and / or automated systems (robots) to send messages to Users, as well as for using their phone numbers placed by the User on the Lookies pages.

7.8. If Buyers use the form of communication with the Seller on the Site, Lookies can not guarantee delivery of such a message to the Buyer and the correctness of the e-mail address specified by the Seller himself.

7.9. Lookies is not responsible for non-fulfillment or difficulties in the performance of obligations due to force majeure circumstances, the consequences of which can not be avoided or overcome.

7.10. Lookies is in no way connected with any information provided by the User, including the contents of the Ads provided and / or posted by Users to the Lookies, and is not obliged to verify the content, authenticity and security of such information or its components, as well as its compliance with current legislation and availability of Users The necessary scope of the rights for its distribution and / or use.

7.11. The information placed by Users may contain links to websites on the Internet (third party sites). These third parties and the content of their websites, as well as any information of third parties, are not checked by Lookies for compliance with certain requirements (reliability, completeness, legality, etc.). Lookies is not responsible for any information, materials posted on third party websites to which the User is accessed in connection with the use of Lookies, as well as for the availability of such sites or information and the consequences of their use by the User.

8. Intellectual property rights

8.1. Possessor of exclusive rights on Lookies and Mobile applications, including, but not limited to, the domain name, the logo placed on the Site, the Lookies trademark, databases, all technical developments allowing the use of the Site is Lookies. The User or other person is not entitled to use the Lookies, Mobile Applications or Services in ways not provided for in this User Agreement without the written permission of Lookies, including extracting Information in any form not provided for in the User Agreement. Exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity included in the Information provided by Users belong to the respective Users and rights holders.

8.2. For the purposes of executing this User Agreement, conducting contests, actions, announcing and informing Users and other similar events, exercising the legitimate rights and interests of Lookies and ensuring the operation of Lookies, the User provides Lookies with a valid worldwide, unlimited right to use the Information (including photographs, text descriptions of the Goods, Trademarks, logos, etc.) in any way on all known or unknown information media during the entire validity period will exclude and to transfer such right to third parties. The user authorizes the use of materials in the Information without the name of the author, and also guarantees that the information provided does not violate any rights of third parties, including exclusive rights.

9. Term of the User Agreement

9.1. This User Agreement is effective from the moment the User uses the Lookies Service, irrespective of the fact of the User Registration or the posting of the Lookies ad, and they are valid for an unlimited period of time.

9.2. The user has the right to stop access to his or her Personal Area without the possibility of restoring such access. In this case, the User does not have the right to re-register, including using the previously specified Lookies email address in the Account data of the User specified by the User.

Lookies reserves the right at its own discretion to terminate the access of the User who violates this User Agreement, as well as the terms of any of the Services, other rules governing the functioning of Lookies, to the Services both in general and in part, including stopping or temporarily suspending access User in the Profile. A user whose access to the Services has been terminated or whose Information has ceased to be valid does not have the right to re-create the new account at the Site (including using the e-mail address previously specified by the User on Lookies.